Download your NeuroMindSHIFT Labyrinth, click here.


Download and print the labyrinth.
Take three slow deep breaths.

Choose a breath watchword to repeat in your mind to gently guide you back to your journey if distracting thoughts enter your mind. You may simply use the word “peace” and as thoughts arise, gently allow them to be replaced by your word to refocus yourself on your path.

Begin to trace the labyrinth with your finger. Your goal is to reach the center of the labyrinth and then come back out by retracing your steps.

Take your time.

Once you have completed the labyrinth do it again, and this time try to concentrate on (choose one of the options below) as you move towards the center:

  1. Letting go of stresses and worries
  2. Asking a question
  3. Finding your next step in life

When you reach the center, just keep your finger there for a minute and (choose one):

  1. Concentrate on an open-ended question
  2. Concentrate on noticing your breathing or the sounds around you, just letting them “wash over you”
  3. Ponder ideas that occurred to you as you were working your way to the center of the labyrinth.

After a little while, begin to make your way back out of the labyrinth and (choose one):

  1. Think about things you are grateful for
  2. Think about the answers that might have arisen, if you asked a question
  3. Note any difference in the way your body and mind feel after the experience

Upon completion take a few moments to reflect upon and perhaps journal what you felt and experienced.