As 1 of only 60 people in the world to experience this unique debilitating challenge, I bring a very unique set of skills to a conference, corporation, or workshop setting.

Now, more than any other time in history, we are experiencing more distractions, disruptions, overwhelm, being overbooked and feeling over the top. Leaders and their teams are stressed out, lacking balance in their work and home life, and simply are not reaching their goals and potential. 

As a successful business owner, mother, and wife, Sharon knows firsthand what this speed of life can cost you. While racing to do more, Sharon’s life changed abruptly and dramatically from a horseback riding accident when she acquired a traumatic brain injury with a resulting diagnosis of “completely disabled”.

Yet through this challenging time she researched and gained an invaluable amount of wisdom about staying focused and being resilient with positive mental fortitude when life, distractions disruptions and challenges “buck you off”.

Over the last 20 years Sharon has worked as a Public Health Nurse, owned and operated the GoodLife Fitness Club for Women in Chatham, acquired her Masters in Divinity, and now is a professional speaker and trainer.

Sharon now presents an energetic and interactive presentation in the NeuroMindSHIFT™ Process. This effective, reliable, repeatable process uses a number of tools and techniques to increase the mind’s capacity to deal with life’s ongoing distractions, disruptions, and the sense of overwhelm, so leaders can quickly regain inner strength, mental resilience, and enhanced performance.

From Chaos to Harmony with Humour and Heart.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind and effective speaker? You’ve found it with Sharon Campbell Rayment.

Sharon Campbell Rayment inspires people with her unique insights on how to gain inner balance and mental strength so they can sail smoothly through set-backs and distractions. She will show you with humour and empathy how to break through the brain’s negative circuits for more positive outcomes.


Sharon is one of only 60 people in the world with “Foreign Accent Syndrome”, which occurred after fall off a horse left her with a traumatic, acquired brain injury and medical diagnosis of “completely disabled”.

You’ve got to hear Sharon’s story!

What she’s learned will inspire you and help you gain the gift of inner peace, focus and positive action.

Be your B.E.S.T*. at work, home and throughout your life
(*Belief, Emotion, Sensation, Thoughts)


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