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If you are feeling the mid-day crash, finding your thinking becoming blocked and foggy, found yourself within a challenging situation, or just need a moment to unwind a labyrinth is the perfect tool!  

A labyrinth is a way to refocus, reconnect and reenergize your mind. You can walk a labyrinth or use a finger labyrinth. We have created a PDF that you can download, print and trace! 

By not taking time to pause in our day it can lead to increase of worry, lack of focus and lead to directing your energy to the problem rather than the solution.  

This sacrifices attention, slows processing, creates difficulty making decisions leading to ineffective and unproductive work and unreached potential and goals.

Download your labyrinth here

Why use a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth helps you enter into a meditative relaxed state and turns your attention inward and therefore profound changes occur for improved problems solving, creativity and enhanced intuition.

Winding through the path making both clockwise and counter clockwise movements with slow left then right turns balances the left and right hemisphere of the brain. This engages both the left side of the brain being analytical and logical and the right side of the brain the more creative side. As such you see the world in more rhythm and flow. 

  • It helps to harness your attention and improve your effectiveness and efficiency. 
  • It helps you become unstuck for improved understanding, faster decisions and quality of work.
  • It is calming, promotes well-being and inner confidence. It helps you to regain balance and perspective. 
  • Helps with increased concentration for less distraction, less switching between tasks
  • Reduces stress and anxiety, clears the mind, helps you to feel more relaxed, experience inner peace and improved attitude 
  • The labyrinth has significant health benefits when used on a regular basis, including lowering blood pressure, slowing breathing rates, many have experienced reduced incidents of chronic pain, and reducing insomnia. 
  • Using the labyrinth can help you prepare for a challenging of difficult situation helping you to focus on positive resolutions and creative solutions
  • The labyrinth assists in connection to others on a deeper synchronistic level
  • Using the labyrinth on a consistent basis for 7 – 10 minutes per day with directed deep thinking helps to capture thoughts and shift to the frontal lobes of the brain for increased gamma waves for memory building, learning and more actively linked to positive emotions.  

When to use it 

  • Before meeting with colleagues or clients
  • Before an important call 
  • If your mind becomes foggy, distracted or unfocused
  • If you are feeling frustrated, anxious, ungrounded 
  • If you have a question that you want to work on and need clarity. 

    Guidelines for the Labyrinth “Walk”

    The path is a unicursal circular pattern. There is one path into the centre, and one path out again. When you reach the 6-pedaled rose in the centre, you have gone half the distance – you now need to return back out again.

    A labyrinth is not a maze, which has dead ends and paths which sometimes must be retraced to find a way out. The labyrinth has only one path, so there are no tricks to it, and no dead ends to frustrate or confuse you only to relax and enhance your attentiveness, awareness and responsiveness. 

    Labyrinths are designed in accordance with sacred geometry, based on ancient knowledge that was intuitively articulated in architectural forms. Through proportion, placement, and position, using a complementary system of numbers, angles, and designs, the mind is induced to a state of relaxation and harmony, leaving it open to other levels of awareness.

    Step-by-Step through the Labyrinth

    1. Before entering clear your mind and become aware of your breath.  
    2. Choose a quiet place where you can focus and walk your finger labyrinth without being disturbed. 
    3. Place your labyrinth in front of you. Enter the entrance of your finger labyrinth with the forefinger of your non-dominant hand. (Research shows that often our non-dominant hand has easier access to our intuition.) 
    4. If using your non-dominant hand is awkward or uncomfortable, you can use the forefinger of your dominant hand instead.
    5. Trace the pattern of the labyrinth with your finger. Clear your mind of extraneous thoughts and focus solely on following the path of the labyrinth. Use a mantra if you find your mind wandering. Many people like to use a phrase or word to meditate on and repeat it over and over as they walk to bring them back to focus
    6. Walk to the center of your finger labyrinth and rest momentarily. Take a few moments to just be in the center of the labyrinth. Explore your thoughts and feelings. Observe what thoughts, emotions, memories, pictures, and so forth come into your mind. Notice whether you feel a sensation of peace and serenity. Notice if your mental chatter has become quiet and if you have a sense of well-being.
    7. Retrace your path out of the labyrinth.
    8. Sit back, take a deep breath and relax. Observe how you feel. Record your experience in your journal for future reference.

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