Connecting by Heart

Sharon Campbell-RaymentInspiration

Richard Wagamese in “Embers” writes:

Me: What is the point of prayer and meditation?

Old Woman: To bring you closer to the Great Mystery.

Me: So I can understand it?

Old Woman: No. So you can participate in it.

Rather than just trying to quiet the mind and create inner silence in the case of meditation, prayer has an aspect that reaches beyond our selves to God, and to others.

In prayer rather than just centering yourself, you participate in it. You dwell in harmony with the limitless Essence of life by connecting within, with God, and sending love, peace, healing, joy, and hope to others.

In this deep state of prayer, the sense of separation dissolves, and you find yourself immersed and connected through the heart. This is where we understand that there is only

One Heartbeat ~ One Breath ~ One Song that connects us all.

Sally Kempton author of “The Heart of Meditation” states that, “Prayer is, in the deepest sense, a practice of relationship. More than getting what you “want,” more than improving your emotional state, the practice of prayer can show you how deeply and fully you are being taken care of, protected, connected and loved.” As we prayer with “all of heart, mind, and soul”, we come to a place of vulnerable openheartedness and connection.

This becomes a Heart Prayer.

A Heart Prayer is a form of prayer in which you center yourself in the heart and orient yourself toward God. People who pray in this manner often feel more connected, calmer, and closer to God. This closeness brings you into a sense of unity with all. Ego falls away, unbridled love expands within your heart, as you rest in the presence of God.

A heart prayer is easy to do. Just focus your attention around the area of your heart about the centre of your chest as you take 3 deep breaths. You can even put your hand over your chest to keep your focus there. Just focus on the breath flowing easily through your heart and lungs and this will synchronize the harmony between your heart, brain and body helping you to feel calm, centered, and connected.

Pause today, put your hand over your heart, take 3 deep breaths to connect within, with God, and with others sharing from your heart and take time to be grounded, be present, be balanced.

Until next time my friends remember every breath you take is a breath of God and a shared one with All my Relations United as One.