Thymus Tap

“My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life.” – Miles Davis

It is essential to stop throughout our day to check in with how we are feeling, the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that we are experiencing throughout our day to reboot our system, redirect the GPS to get ourselves back on track.

This is why this brief morning routine of setting the tone of the day to one of enthusiasm, optimism, and thankfulness is the best way to start our day.

Here is our Brief Morning Routine

When you wake just lay there for 60 seconds more and say –

Yes! Very first thing keep repeating YES! YES! YES! Just keep repeating it with enthusiasm!
Then finish these statements as you say Yes …
YES, today is going to be great because I … (Think of 2 great things that will happen today and say YES!)
YES, I AM so Thankful … (Think of 2 things that you are thankful about and say YES!)

Tap Your Thymus

If you feel tired and can’t get the energy to do this brief morning routine tap your thymus.

Thymus comes from the Greek word thymos, which actually means “life energy.” The thymus is a link between the mind and body—and due to stress—it may shrink which will make you feel less energized. You can rebalance this life energy within you by simply tapping the thymus gland.

To do the thymus tap just tap in the middle of the sternum about an inch below where a man’s tie would sit. Place your index and second finger in the U notch at the top of the breastbone and slide them down about an inch and tap three times. Do this to the beat of a waltz—one-two-three—over and over again.

The Thymus taps help decrease stress, help improve your immune system, help to get your energy flowing, and improve oxygen flow. And this relief doesn’t just happen at the time you do the Thymus Tapping —there will be a cumulative effect over time that helps you to feel more focused, energized, and optimistic.

Do this before jumping out of bed to help increase energy and wellbeing or anytime during the day. But don’t do this before going to bed as it may energize and awaken you when you want to shut down and rest. It doesn’t have to attract attention—just tap three times gently and no one will even notice!

So tap your way to increased energy and enthusiasm and keep your dreams alive, your hopes high, and your outlooks positive.

Cheers to your success,