The Sacred Act of Breathing in Prayer and Meditation

One of the most powerful ways to find harmony and peace throughout your day is to take a few quiet moments in prayer or meditation. Silence in prayer or meditation helps us to connect to our inner sanctuary – to the very essence of our being and the light that radiates from each one of us.

It is finding this essence where heart and soul combine that will unravel all the knots of the challenges of our day and in our lives. It is where true peace exists.

In our busy day it can be difficult to find this silence, yet the simplest way is to simply take 3 deep breaths to consciously relax the body as you exhale.

When you breathe – breathe in life not just air. Breathe deeply and connect to the Essence, the One breath that leads to harmony within and connects us to all of life. It is not just an act of survival – it is a sacred act.

The Essence within teaches us to be patient. To pause … Breathe. And then with clear vision and clarity you can proceed throughout your day knowing that nothing external can disturb you.

So, pause, breathe and always remember you are unique, beautiful, courageous and strong!

Blessings, Sharon 


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