The Power of Being

Being Calm ~ Being Present ~ Being in Harmony

Unlike humans, horses don’t stay up all night anxious and worrying.  They are well adjusted and have collaborated with their fate instead of fixating on what should happen or shouldn’t happen.

They sense what is happening and decide whether to go with the flow or get out of the way.

Horses spend most of their time in a relaxed aware state avoiding the human tendency to distort reality by engaging in wishful thinking or focusing on the worst possible outcome.

No matter what happens horse exhibit exceptional emotional agility instead of experiencing uncertainty in every moment through fear, and worry they abide in the moment.

Even after a moment of anxiety they quickly go back to grazing, milling in deep peace that naturally arises when you’re not afraid of life.

They have a mindful acceptance of every moment with the ability to be in the moment by experiencing the power of being.

We can experience this deep peace on earth. Deep peace right here and right now as the horses do every day by Creating Harmony From Within.

You can’t calm the storm but you can create inner balance, peace and calm by Creating Harmony From Within

Pause. Hit the pause button. Take a breath. Put out that APB on yourself.

In Awareness Pause and take a long Breath.

Relax your jaw. Let your shoulders drop. Release the tension in your hips and legs.


Put your hand over your heart and breathe.

Feel a sense of compassion and love for yourself.

Wouldn’t you tell your best friend to do this if she were having a chaotic moment, a stressful day, a feeling of I can’t keep up?

Breathe. Feel your heart expand and send calm inner peace throughout your entire body.

Know in this moment that all is well.

Yes, there may still be chaos and worry, but even when you can’t calm the storm you can calm yourself.

You can know that peace that surpasses all understanding.

Allow the sense of peace, joy, and hope to spread throughout from the center of your being radiating out from your heart.

Round up that wild mustang mind. Shut the gate on anxious thoughts, constant worries, feeling like you’re falling behind.


Take time to do this throughout your day. Set your inner clock to do this every hour.

Shut the gate on the worries, the wild mustang thoughts, before they stampede and gain momentum.

Pause every hour and release tension and worry and receive inner peace and renewed hope knowing “You’ve got this!”

Just breathe.

Success ~ Happiness ~ Inner Harmony

I hope this moment has helped you to create a moment of inner peace and a quiet mind. This really is the ideal condition for your success, happiness, and harmony within and with others.

If you found this helpful, please share it with a friend. True joy comes from helping others.

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All the best to you my friends! Sharon