The Heartbeat of Harmony

I know that I really focus on Awareness to Pause and Breathe (APB) but this is the most important way to SHIFT you in to a calmfocused feeling that will help to turn on the resilient factors in your brain.

Tip: As you take these 3 deep breaths focus your attention on your heart. The heart has neurons similar to the brain and influences your thoughts and emotions.

Breathing in harmony with your heart helps you to feel more at ease and achieve a poised state for clarity and clear thinking. It also helps you to feel positive, confident, focused, calm and yet energized.

It’s easy to do. Just focus your attention around the area of your heart about the center of your chest as you take your 3 deep breaths.

You can even put your hand over your chest to keep your focus there.

You can accentuate this feeling of well-being by holding a positive feeling or remembering an experience in which you felt happy, relaxed and joyful. This will aid in feeling more positive and energized.

Just focus on the breath flowing easily through your heart and lungs and this will synchronize the harmony between your heart, brain and body helping you to feel calm, centered, focused and experience a sense of ease to aid you in achieving the results you desire!

Now take 3 deep breaths to ground yourself and off you go!
All the B.E.S.T. and blessings,