Souper Hero Sharon

“Sometimes the best thing that can happen to us is to be awakened to reality, for calamity to strike, for then we come to faith.” Anthony DeMello

One of the hardest things for me to do after my accident was to let go of the person I was. She seemed like a super hero to me. Working full time, teaching riding lessons, running general and special population camps, taking my Masters courses, all the time trying to be a good mother and wife.

Yet that person – and I say “that person” because the person I was is truly not who I AM now – was not focused on the moment and fully present with friends and family. 

I may have been physically present, but mentally, I was flitting everywhere.

Do you ever find yourself doing this? You are physically with a person, but your mind is racing? It is all too common of a feeling in our “hurry up” world.

Journal Wisdom Unearthed

In my journal dated November 22, 2008 I wrote …

“I have been unable to write until now (my accident was July 11, 2008). Hard to focus. I continue to stutter and find it difficult to find the words I need. It makes me feel self-conscious and not want to go outside (or anywhere). Physically I must lie down, but mentally I am still racing so I try to rest.”


The NeuroMindSHIFT™ Ah ha

“I am, I think, spending more time with the girls. I am not thinking of other things in their presence. Not preaching or planning—just being.”

It took a huge bump on the head rendering me unconscious and with a diagnosis of complete disability to get the message the horses teach so easily …

Be … Be Still and Know …

Stay in the Moment …

Truly BE present to the people you are with because as I discovered – life can change in a moment.

I was blessed – you see when I fell I bounced – that doesn’t always happen, sometimes we don’t get a chance to get back up.


Your NeuroMindSHIFT™ Moment

Today stop 3 times and take an APB – gain Awareness, Pause and take 3 deep Breaths. Pause when you have come to your maximum inhale just for a few seconds then release the breath relaxing your jaw, your shoulders, your hips and thighs.

Just Be.

Just for just 60 seconds.

Then give thanks. Give thanks for one small thing that is happening in your life that gives you joy, hope, optimism.

These small actions, interspersed throughout your day, will SHIFT your day to one of inner peace, optimism, focus, resilience, and feelings of success and happiness.

Remember, my friends, there is a greatness that lies within you. Stay present to the moment and feel inner peace, aligned with your true purpose, and unbridled happiness and success!

All the B.E.S.T. and blessings,