SHIFT Happens

“It is in our loss that we realize if we have lived the greatest teaching, our true calling … love one another.”
Another wee loss for the Rayment Family

In 2006, we added a bit of chaos to our lives on the Rayment farm … Twin black male sheep. They were actually rescue sheep, as they were about to be mutton, but when I saw the two Shetland sheep in Shetland Ontario, I knew they had to come join our menagerie of animals.

How funny was it that I got Scottish sheep just before I acquired a Scottish accent from my traumatic brain injury?

We named them Duncan and Dougald and I sat singing ,“You Are My Sunshine” to them… I was hoping they would see me as their shepherd and follow me around the farm….

Unfortunately that was not the case. The goat we attained in the same year became their shepherd. It was not uncommon to pull in our drive way and see the 3 of them wandering the property. Duncan was the last of the trio to leave us.

The Speed of Life is Accelerating

Part of me feels that I am the luckiest person because of the horseback riding accident and subsequent diagnosis of “completely disabled”. You see I couldn’t go out in the world due to my sensitivity to light, noise, claustrophobia, anxiety, and difficulties driving.

However, in my solitude I was never truly alone. Every day I was able to watch the trio wander the farm and find joy in their antics.

Yet 10 of those 12 years passed as though a day. After my accident my awareness of time was distorted, and my memory fragmented.

Memory Loss in Chaos

You don’t have to experience a concussion to have foggy thinking, memory challenges, or feel the illusion of time passing faster through the hourglass.

The busier we become, the greater our risk of foggy thinking from the warp speed in which we check off our to do lists at work and at home, and race from event to event, often with our children in tow.

This ongoing pressure, constantly rushing, fearful we forgot a task, or worse, forgot to pick up a child at an event, creates ongoing havoc in the mind igniting the fight or flight response.​​​​​​​

This fight or flight response, the bodies heightened response to stress and anxiety causes your breath to increase, your body tense, pulse and blood pressure to rise, and a feeling of panic, overwhelm, or just a chronic feeling that you are running behind.

On a chronic basis this response can shrink the hippocampus, our area of memory, and shrinks the prefrontal cortex of the brain, our central area of emotional agility, strength of mind, decision-making, problem solving, and resilience.

Of course time is not truly accelerating just our perception, yet perception is everything.

Perception Determines our Outlook – Our outlook Determines our Results

I recently attended a Women’s Event called SOAR in London, Ontario, held by Laurie Hawkins. The theme was “Freedom”. And our greatest freedom is to choose our outlook.

We decide if the proverbial glass is half full or half empty.

How do we affect our perception to sway to the positive and realization of the sanctity of our time?

We pause. We pause, and regain awareness and inner balance by taking 5 deep breaths, tapping the Gamut spot to decrease the feeling of chaos, yawn, and recite a turnaround phrase within your mind.

Gaining of Time

It seems counterintuitive but in the pause, we gain “more time”, as we focus on the present moment pause, which is really the only moment that we can affect.

It is in the present moment pause that we can truly be aware, attentive, and sensitive to others and to acknowledge our deepest desires.

And though our material needs give us joy, the repairs, payments, and price tag can create a constant pressure, igniting the fight or flight, and negatively affecting our health, relationships, work, and enjoyment of life.

The Equine Assisted NeuroMindSHIFT

“The lack of Harmony is the first, and often the last and only, cause of failure.” Napoleon Hill.

The number one precursor to success and satisfaction in life is our ability to connect within, to stay in balance, and to create inner harmony. Without this, you may feel exhilarated by the multiple tasks you attack, but sooner than later there will likely be a severe shift in your life.

If you find yourself feeling that you are racing against time, experiencing health challenges, and finding life is losing meaning perhaps its time to do a reboot and reconnect within and with your greater purpose.

In June, I am offering 4 people the opportunity to work with my horses and I to create inner balance, mental fortitude, and reconnect with your true purpose again.

This will be a good fit for you if ….

  1. Your mind races from 1 task to the next and yet you feel you aren’t accomplishing anything.
  2. You feel stuck and are ready to change your current situation to one of power, focus and deeper meaning.
  3. You want to foster relationships and apply intentional purpose for B.E.S.T. results.
  4. You want to break through the obstacles, personal blocks and challenges to create momentum to your goals.
  5. You want to sail smoothly through your day and bounce back quickly from setbacks, schedule changes and feelings of overwhelm.

If you’d like to know if you are a good candidate for this 2 day Equine Assisted NeuroMindSHIFT just email me at

SHIFT happens!

SHIFT happens for everyone as a close call, a challenging health diagnosis, or the hardest of all, loss of a loved one.

Duncan our wee sheep certainly is not as great a loss as many can be. A child, a spouse, even a job loss can create havoc within you.

Many times we ignore this feeling of chaos, anxiety, or deep sadness and press it down to carry on. Yet the true cost of this, even in dollars and cents, is huge.

Let my horses and I boost your inner balance, because with inner balance and harmony you can face anything.

Until next time keep your dreams alive, your hopes high and your outlooks positive!

All the best and blessings,