SHIFT Happens

As you know, prior to my horseback riding accident I was a busy, predominantly left-brained, decision maker and developer.

After being a Public Health Nurse for 7 years, I owned and operated the Good Life Fitness Club for Women for 10 years, and then felt called by the Spirit to be a “Messenger of Hope” in a 3-point charge and out in the world. Plus, I was a busy mom helping my kids with homework, running them to events, and had a wee bit left over for my husband, Doug.

It was energizing, exciting and exhilarating. It was until it all came crashing down one day. The accident changed my life completely.

SHIFT Happens

I am sure you have had similar life SHIFTS or changes. Something that stopped you in your tracks. Moments that you felt your life would never be the same. Challenges, frustrations, heartache, and strife.

Perhaps it was an illness, a broken relationship, a job loss, or loss of a loved one. These are shifts that represent a loss.

But some SHIFTS are positive: a child graduating and moving out to spread her wings, a new job, a new relationship, or a new home. Even the positive events can create a season of grief.

You love your new home, but why do you feel sadness? A time that you wish you could return to that which you knew. If only this or that, it would be different.

Your new job is great. But why is there a longing still within you? We often create in our minds a dichotomy of happiness and dissatisfaction.

Our Hearts Long for Harmony Within

It really isn’t all of the things, the applause, the to-do lists, and deadlines that bring us true happiness.

Harmony within is the number one key to happiness and success. And harmony within is attained through inner silence and a quiet mind; the two essential elements for your success and happiness.

Our true desire is to commune with the Essence within, and the ground of all Being. That which connects us as One: One breath, One heartbeat, One song.

Research shows that we can hardwire calm, harmony, hope, and happiness into your brain – and your Life!

This is why I created the 21 Day NeuroMindSHIFT process: to help people like you gain inner harmony, and a quiet mind.

You can try the first 7 days for FREE. Just go to my website at and join!

Also on my website, you will have access to the NeuroMindSHIFT labyrinth that will help you SHIFT the mind to inner peace, focus, resilience, and a quiet mind; the 4 cornerstones of success and happiness.

A NeuroMindSHIFT script will help you to use with the labyrinth in a way that highlights the 6 stages of transformation.

I’ll be writing more regarding the labyrinth next week, but until then go to my website at and download the online version of the Chartres Labyrinth. You can follow this on your screen or print it to use.

Set aside just a few moments of your day to trace it, or even just to have its presence in your daytimer or on your desk to remind you of the inner harmony and the quiet mind that can be yours through its use.

You have 2 FREE items that will lead you to calm and inner harmony even in the chaos of your life! The FREE 7 Day NeuroMindSHIFT gives you 60-second solutions to bring you back to the present moment and calm the inner chaos.

And the FREE NeuroMindSHIFT Labyrinth will quiet the mind, create greater focus, and inner harmony.

Remember, “What lies before us and what lies behind us is of little consequence compared to what lay within us.” Goethe

All the B.E.S.T. and Many Blessings, Sharon