See a Burnout in your Future? 5 Things to Ask Yourself “Why?”

What have YOU done lately to find sacred space where you could quiet your mind, connect within, and resurrect your soul’s passion and purpose?

When you see a burnout coming, take a moment to ask yourself 5 Key Questions:

A.P.B. – Gain Awareness ~ Pause ~ Breathe. Check in with yourself, quiet your mind and ask …

  1. Am I staying true to my soul’s passion and purpose?
  2. Am I taking care of me? 

Pause. Reflect. Your next questions …

  1. Am I delegating that which is not in my skill set or gift?
  2. Am I asking for help and accepting it?

And lastly …

  1. Am I having any fun? Have I laughed lately? Honestly, life shouldn’t be this serious and crazy! Grab a glass of wine (or your favourite beverage), get together with your friends, laugh, relax, and enjoy!


Yes I know you’re saying, “There is so much to do, Sharon!” But remember the insightful line from this song …

Do – Be – Do – Be – Do

Balance Doing with Being and enjoy sacred sensational moments of laughter and love!

Until next time, Create Harmony From Within and stay Mindful ~ Prayerful ~ and Thankful as we join together as One Breath ~ One Heartbeat ~ One Song.

Blessings, Sharon