Quiet the Mind

A Simple Technique to Keep Your Mind from Fear

In these challenging times it can be hard to keep the mind focused on the good and the positive! 

I lay awake at night and my mind starts to racethinking about all that is happening in the world and the challenges of this virus.

So, what can we do when the mind runs to fear and chaos?

We can use a Breath Watchwordwith our APB.

A breath watchword focuses and protects the mind from negativity and can transform your energy and feelings of inner peace. 

I use a single word and repeat it again and again so that when my mind tries to run off with me, I can bring it back to focus and calm.

I often just repeat—peace peace peace.

To release the negative thoughts that may be racing through your mind say your Breath Watchword with your 3 breaths as part of your APB 12pm pause. 

In your first breath say, (within your mind), “I breathe in I am calm.” Pause to engage the vagus nerve to decrease the fight or flight response and feelings of anxiety.

Breathe out saying, (within your mind), “I breathe out and I am relaxed.” And when you do this loosen your jaw, let your shoulders relax, and release the tension in your hips and legs.

Breathe in, “I breathe in I am calm.” Pause.
Breathe out, “I breathe out I am relaxed.” Pause.

Breathe in, “Calm”. Pause.
Breathe out, “Relax”. Pause.

When doing the APB you do this for 3 breaths. Yet you may want to continue to do thisif you are still feeling anxious or your mind is still racing.

And remember, if you put your hand over your heartwhile you do this it will amplify the breath effects of calm, relaxed, inner peace, and harmony.

The more often you bring this focus to everyday life, the more easily you will engage this practice in times of rising emotions, as your physical body begins to tense, or when your thoughts become fixed on negative.

Stay in and stay safe my friends. Remember to do the APB of Prayer at high noon (12pm EST) to embrace our Circle of Hope & Prayer as 1 Breath ~ 1 Heartbeat ~ 1 Song in harmony and healing.

Many blessings, Sharon