Quantum Physics of Prayer

Roots of Hope and Happiness

I know that if you are receiving this email you are an incredible person who is seeking to stay calm and grounded in life’s storms, and who wants to help others feel this way as well.

Please share with your friends, family, and colleagues all of the ways that we know will help others remain calm in the chaos, grounded, and reconnected within.

Some of these techniques that promote “mindfulness” in the moment through the NeuroMindSHIFT techniques that we use frequently throughout our day for about 60 seconds are:

Yawning, Tapping the thymus, tapping the gamut spot, taking 3 deep breaths, and so many more that I have shared with you, and that I put in an order for 21 Days to SHIFT from chaos to calm.

If you were to envision a tree, these are the roots that keep you grounded, focused, and though it seems contrary, energized.

This feeling of “energy”, is not scattered, anxious, or distracted. It is increasing the way you feel, often which is expressed in your emotions.

Sadness, anxiety, anger are all feelings of low “energy”, or low vibration as Suzanne Adams states in her TEDx Talk on Quantum Physics.

Who knew we were talking physics when we are looking to intentionally SHIFT our feelings and emotions!

The higher vibrational energies of joy, love, and hope are what the NeuroMindSHIFT techniques SHIFT you to feel.

OK so, let’s not get weighed down by the science, but lifted up by the love, connection, and hopefulness we feel when we do the APB – Awareness – Pause – Breathe and do a NeuroMindSHIFT technique. 

Please know that there is nothing good nor bad about sadness, anxiety, and the low vibrational emotions. With awareness emotions become our GPS, our indicators that inform our mind, body, and soul that we need a SHIFT to a higher vibration and feeling.

When we do the APB, we can honour the emotion, connect to what is happening to express these feelings, and begin to SHIFT the experience to a lighter, higher vibration. 


The Trunk of the Tree

The roots of my Celtic tree give you grounding, the trunk gives you stability.

It is a process that helps you SHIFT not just in the moment, but creates long term neurological changes through neuroplasticity (the ability to rewire the brain), and epigenetics (the ability to modify DNA gene expression), and emotional responses.

Oh my right! Sharon, let’s not get crazy with the science again!

Righto, all of this science is attained through my program with the labyrinth and prayerful meditative process.

As I stated last week, I will be creating a new program based on the labyrinth and my book, Creating Harmony From Within”.

Let’s join together as One Breath ~ One Heartbeat, and One Song sharing in this program.

Once again – Boom baby! Let the SHIFT begin. Go ahead and shout – “I’m in!”

Until next time, remain mindful, prayerful, and thankful!

Blessings, Sharon