Peace In The Chaos

Calm the Chaos of Christmas

I hope you have been enjoying my short clips on Thursdays at 7 pm for tips to Calm the Chaos of Christmas!

As of this Tuesday tip we are only 3 weeks, 21 days to Christmas eve!


Inner Peace doesn’t just happen! 

You are likely just like me trying to get organized for Christmas, yet trying to do what you usually do with this additional pressure.

In the flurry of lists, gifts, decorating and preparing, it can lead you to proclaim with the Grinch, “Blast this Christmas music! It’s loud and distracting”.

Let me help you create a quick, effective, and easy solution to find thepeace, joy, and hope every day in this busy season. It truly only takes a moment to pause and refocus in awareness to improve performance, proficiency.

Today I am beginning the 21 day NeuroMindSHIFT process and I am hoping you will join me. 

If we begin today our last day will be December 24th! A perfect time to end with the birth of a more relaxed and less stressed out you!

I will post my progress on my Facebook page, and I invite you to as well. Let me know how you are doing!

Let me inspire you to create inner peace, less stress, and to stay focusedon what truly matters in this season of Christmas.

Within the next 3 weeks …

  • You will discover 4 quick, easy, and very effective techniques that will immediately bring you focus and inner balance regardless of where you are or what you are doing.
  • You will move faster from disruption, set-backs, and challenges to performance again, so you can complete your day feeling good about what you have accomplished.
  • You will feel less like a victim of circumstance to feeling more in controland maintaining a steady course.
  • You will receive a daily technique to bring yourself to greater awareness, resiliency, creativity, connectedness, and motivated to make the changes you desire in your life.

And it is only $21, a savings of 80%! Just a wee Christmas gift for yourself for daily calm, strong, and filled with peace in this Christmas season!


Your Turn

So, do the APB and just breathe! Take your mind out, fire the “itty bitty shitty committee”, and breathe!

If your mind tries to run away with you, use a breath watchword to bring yourself back to focus. 

A breath watchword focuses and protects the mind from distraction and negativity and can transform your energy, breath, and mind.

use a single word and repeat it again and again so that when my mind tries to run off with me, I can bring it back to focus and calm.

I often just repeat—peace peace peace. This helps you focus the mind and breath rather than letting it run away with you like a runaway team of horses.

We are human and the mind will certainly be drawn to thoughts and emotions. Just observe the thoughts that enter your mind and let them flow and go.

The more often you engage this practice and the APB, the easier you will engage this practice in times of rising emotions, as your physical body begins to tense or when your thoughts become fixed on negative, self-defeating, and deprecating messages within your mind.

Just release the negative thoughts that may be racing through your mind and say your breath watchword with each breath.

Remember to pause in a Calming Moment NeuroMindSHIFT and reconnect to the greatness that lies within!


Blessings and all the B.E.S.T.,