Pause to Remember

I have to apologize for missing last week’s blog. I’m not sure if you are, but I am a last-minute person.

No, I don’t shop on December 24th! Well not every Christmas – lol!

And not every email I send you is prepared at 1:58pm to post at 2pm. Well today it was!

And I don’t always wait to work on bigger projects like the 5000-word essay I have to complete for the Masters course. Well ok, so it was due Monday and I’m still working on it.

I am a procrastinator but this time I had a good reason to be a bit off on my timing and plans.

My sister in law passed away last week. It was sudden and unexpected at the age of 53.

I was honoured to do her funeral and I couldn’t help but think how hard it is to lose a loved one at this time of year.

It’s hard at any time but somehow at Christmas, when we are to be feeling joy, love, peace, and hope, in those moments of loss, we feel more sadness, perhaps anger, and Christmas, and any other event gets lost in that sorrow and grief.

Loss is the number one event that takes precedence over everything. We are able to push things forward, delegate, or simply delete the activity from our plans.

Time stands still.

Yet grief my friends is a sign that love still breaths.

And grief reveals how real and deep our love is, not only for the person who has passed, but for all of those who attend the celebration of life.

And we begin to feel a deepening of love in that connection.

And a feeling of hope arises in the embrace of others.

Even the mundane turns sacred when love is there.

And death ceases to be an ending.

Because love is eternal. It never ends.

As my mother told me after her death, “Where it ends, it begins.”

The circle of hope is a hoop that embraces all, encompasses all, and holds one another in its embrace.

That is why I wanted to remind you of our Circle of Hope as we uplift one another, pray for one another as One breath, One heartbeat, One song.

If you are experiencing a loss at this time or feeling the absence of a loved one whose chair is empty from the table this year remember, we hold you in our circle of prayer, hope, and love.

If you have any specific request for us to be mindful of please Facebook message me at sharoncamray or email me at

Blessings, Sharon

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