Need a stress relief quick tip? Yawn.

This week I am speaking at the annual Human Resources Conference in Toronto! I am sharing my story and how to decrease stress, create inner peace, and greater focus using the NeuroMindSHIFT techniques.

When listing what people are afraid of most, speaking in front of others is #2! I love sharing my story and ways to decrease stress, but before I speak I still get a bit nervous.

My #1 strategy to decrease the stress response in my body is to yawn!

I know it sounds funny, and often is interpreted as a sign of boredom or lack of interest, yet when you yawn you ignite the brain’s precuneus which will give you increased focus and also helps you to relax.

I learned this one early morning as I was having difficulty sleeping after my brain injury. God-incidently when I turned on the tv Dr. Amen was on PBS talking about yawning as one of the fastest, easiest, and best ways to refocus, to have greater clarity, awareness, more compassion and empathy, and lowers stress and anxiety. 

I will be using this before I speak but you can also use it during your day when you feel…

  • Tired
  • Anxious and stressed
  • Bored or lack focus
  • Before going in a meeting
  • Before making an important call

If you don’t feel like yawning, fake yawn until you can get a good long true one out. Do this eight to ten times whether you feel the need to yawn or not—it only takes 30 seconds and can truly help you feel much better!

Yawning also cools off the brain, relieves drowsiness, helps you to communicate clearer and increases your feeling of compassion and connectedness to others because when you yawn, others will start to yawn as well!

Oh yeah, and the #1 fear is death by fire. Gads yes! I agree with that!

So yawn, yawn, yawn! And feel energized, inspired, optimistic, focused, emotionally resilient, and help others to feel this way by yawning until everyone around you is too!


All the B.E.S.T. & Blessings,