Mental Health Week

Every Tuesday for years I used to offer a “Tuesday Tip at 2” to help people pause the chaos, create inner harmony, and boost resilience. This is Mental Health Week and so I thought I would share what I feel is the first step to staying grounded, to create inner silence, and to quiet the mind … the sacred breath of possibility.

After my accident and the acquired brain injury, I was anxious all the time. Nothing was the same. I felt off balance, afraid, and uncertain. The number one technique that calmed my racing mind and fears was to simply pause and take a breath. This became the sacred breath of possibility, the possibility to connect within and with that still small voice that told me “It is ok. I know you are afraid. I know you are hurting. But I am here. I am as close as your very breath.”

Know that you are not alone. Hope is as close as the very breath you take. It is our universal connection. It is that sacred link to each other and to the Essence within. The Essence within, that breath that tells you that you can feel grounded, feel inner peace, and resiliently make it through the struggles you feel right now.

So, take a breath. Breathe deep … exhale long … knowing that you matter. You are not alone. We are connected as one breath, the sacred breath of possibility, that can shift your racing mind from panic to hope!

I will share more practices that arise from within, from the Essence of hope again. Please let me know if this has been helpful. It my hope to help you know you truly matter, you are not alone, and we are truly connected! All the best my friends.