Life’s a Game Not A Race

Life’s a game not a race are the first words I wrote in my first book, Creating Harmony from Within. Well, now I say, “Life’s a Journey not a Race!”

And though I knew what I was writing was important, I really wasn’t living what I was writing. And even now, I find myself gearing up for another race.

Yet after finding myself unable to move from the waist down a number of years ago ending in back surgery, and after my horseback riding accident and a diagnosis of “completely disabled”, I better wake up and smell the coffee! (OK less coffee would be good but if I stop Tim Horton’s would surely go under!)


Chaos be Gone!

As I started my day this morning I laid in bed with a wee panic. I’m back in a Masters course so I can return to being a spiritual leader, I have the honour of celebrating a long life by doing a funeral Friday, and I could travel to another to honour a long-time family friend 300 miles away on Saturday. Oh yes, and it’s thanksgiving and I will be doing a service on Sunday.


Did you say, “Are you crazy Sharon?”

To be honest I haven’t decided what I will do yet but feel I should still go to the long-time friends funeral.


Death as the Greatest Teacher

This is an important chapter in my book. It speaks of loss as the greatest wake-up call in the loss of someone you love. And there is no one in this world that hasn’t experienced this type of loss.

Death tells us we have a limited time and we should enjoy the time we are here. And I personally don’t feel it is aligned to this saying, “Whoever has the most toys when they die wins!” (Though I love toys!)

There is nothing wrong with toys, but I think relationships are truly our reason to be here.

Yes, money is right up there with oxygen when you don’t have it, but as my mother told me just before she died, “Don’t ever put money before your family and friends.”

And I insert, “Don’t ever put money, accolades, ego, anger or hurt affect your relationships with your family and friends.”


Enough with the Sadness Sharon!

Life is about living so here is what you and I are promising each other. No! Not more work, but support and inspiration as we join together committing to Mindful NeuroMindSHIFT Moments, Prayerfulness, and Thankfulness.

Let’s begin with the habit of thankfulness.

Remember when I said that I was a wee bit panicked when I woke up this morning? Not a great way to start your day.

So instead of anxiety let’s get at it and begin our day positively and with great hope! Let’s commit to saying “Thank you” as soon as our eyes open or as soon as consciousness hits. Then leaping (well climbing out slowly in my case – lol) and keep thankfulness upon our mind and in our souls for the rest of the day.

Thankfulness is truly our greatest NeuroMindSHIFT!

Lastly, I’d love for you to join me for the workshop Journey to Your Inner Self on Sunday October 20th at SatiHall in Chatham on McKeough street, 12:30 – 4 pm.

Do something just for you! Come explore the labyrinth, pause the chaos for a few hours, quiet your mind, and reconnect to your soul’s longing and purpose.

Until next time, give thanks in the morning, in the evening, and at supper time! I think that’s a song right?


All the B.E.S.T. and many blessings my friends,