Labyrinth Download & Meditation Audio

Hi my friends! My prayer is that this finds you well!

I hope that you found the “Horse and Soul” meditation helpful, as well as, the Meditation instructions and the 5 Minute Breathing in Harmony audio I sent last week.

These are trying times and I know we all need to be inspired, uplifted, and to discover ways that will transform disharmony, dis-ease, and feelings of depression to SHIFT to an ability to quiet the mind and sense the Essence that dwells within us.

Our Hearts Long for Connection with Essence (God/Spirit) and Meaning

Augustine of Hippo I believe said it best when he said, “Our heart is restless until it finds it’s rest in you God.”

Our hearts remain restless until we can commune with the Essence within us, the ground of all Being.

This connection is attained through inner silence and a quiet mind.

To help you attain this I have shared this week a link to be able to print the labyrinth and included on the page are basic instructions, as well as, a meditation audio to lead you through the labyrinth.

Labyrinth Download & Meditation

When you use the labyrinth, you are rewiring the mind for resilience, emotional agility, and hardwiring happiness, hope, and calm within your brain.

It is an activity that links the mind and body, and by doing this you release dopamine which is essential for positive mental health.

It also slows your mind from fast beta waves to slower alpha waves that create a calm, focused, and centred alertness without feeling scattered or anxious.

Truly, we have not been given a Spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind by the renewing of our mind, which can be achieved by the labyrinth practice.

I hope you find this helps to reconnect to the Essence within, to create inner harmony, and to transform your mind from anxiety to calm alleviating fear, worry, and stress.

May we remain United As One practicing the APB of Prayer as ~ One Breath ~ One Heartbeat ~ One Song.

Many blessings my friends, Sharon