How do you rein the Wild Mustang in?

Have you ever been laying in bed and you have one distracting thought that becomes two distracting and disturbing thoughts…and before you know it, you are caught up in a herd of wild thoughts, that become an emotional stampede. I call this the “Wild Mustang Mind”.

Negative, stress-inducing thoughts that increase your body’s tension, make you anxious and create dis-ease in your day.

How do you rein the Wild Mustang in? Just take a deep breath. A deep breath will rope in your body’s stress response and allow you to catch your thoughts before they run any further. This is best accomplished with a breath watchword or mantra.

A breath watchword is silently repeated in harmony with our breath to disconnect you from your racing thoughts, regain focus, calm the panic and allow worries to drop away.

Try the word “Peace” as your watchword. Breathe in, pause and then say your watchword as you exhale. As you release your breath, allow your jaw to relax, drop your shoulders and imagine a lavender light flowing through your body as you relax your hips and legs right down to your feet. Repeat this three times.

Greatness lies within you…Create harmony from within.

Now that’s your bit of heart for today!

Until next time…all the best and blessings.

– Sharon