Horse and Soul

Summer is on, the heat is up, and we are still rushing, stressed, anxious and overwhelmed by the chaos of prepping for vacations, running kids to summer jobs, and trying to keep upat work and all the others tasks we have to do!

If you are like me, I believed that nothing could slow me down. But as you know, one day I came to a complete stop. It took my horseback riding accident and an acquired brain injury to wake me up to the fact that life is not about racing, acquiring, and accolades, but rather experiencing life moment by moment.

Oh you say, “I don’t have time to think about the moment. I’m already 5-steps ahead of that!”

But if you are on fast forward, leaping through multiple roles, and flying between tasks you too might find yourself suddenly stopped dead in your tracks.

Stop Now To Reconnect With Inner Peace, Passion, and Prosperity!

It takes quietude, support, and a design to mine from within what truly matters, why  it matters, and how to ensure that each day you reconnect to that which sets your soul on fire.

And I have created a 2-day retreat with that in mind.

What have you done for yourself lately that allows you to be, rather than race?

Can you remember your true reason for doing what you do every day?

Have you lost that sense of clear direction?

You are Not Alone

There are only 2 spots left to join me for the “Horse and Soul Connection”.

These two days are intended to reconnect you with what truly matters AND create inner peace, balance, and a daily plan moving forward that redirects you to intuitive abundance, feeling grounded, and fully present.

All of this while interacting in silence with our majestic horses that mirror your thoughts, hopes, and true desires. We embed this into your very being by walking our labyrinth, and creating “mind muscle memory” to sustain this in your months ahead.

With heartfelt clarity you’ll begin to travel along a more intuitive path that guides you to a place that ensures you are in harmony with your desires. 

Visit to join Malachi and I on July 21 and 22nd!

Here is the gift of the “Horse and Soul” NeuroMindSHIFT Meditation to let you experience a bit of the magic that happens with the horses and labyrinth at the Creating Harmony Within Spirit Centre. For your access to your  Audio Meditations please follow the link and insert the password – Harmony. I hope you enjoy the meditation adn decide to come to the “Horse and Soul Connection”. 

Until next time keep your dreams alive, your hopes high, and your outlooks positive. 

Blessings and Cheers,