Happiness Checkup

What would you score your happiness level at?

  • Have you stopped and evaluated if you’re happy with yourself?
  • Do you ever think about how happy you are in your life?
  • Do you feel fulfilled and harmonious on a regular basis?

Take this free and simple test to help you determine if you are living resilient, authentic, and happy.

Take this simple test to help determine if you are living authentically!

Read each statement and rate how much you agree that it is true about you using a 5 point scale where:
1 = never, 2 = once in a while 3= sometimes, 4= most times and 5 = always.
The items should be responded to quickly without over thinking.

I feel vibrant and alive every day. _________
I am fully satisfied in all that I do. _________
I deal with stress and challenges with effectiveness and ease. ________
I gain energy from all interactions with others. _______
I am clear about the meaning and purpose of my life. _________

Total ________

If you scores between 20-25 – Congratulations!
Between 15-20 You could use a tune up!
Below 15 – We have tools and techniques to help you.

One tool that will SHIFT your thinking and feeling from Chaos to Calm, Anxiety to Om, and creat Inner Harmony is to do the APB.

This acronym stands for A – Awareness, P – Pause, and B – Breathe.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, and whoever you are with make an intentional pause for a moment of clairty and awareness.

When you do so Breathe. Take 3 long breaths and as you exhale relax your jaw, your shoulders, your thighs and let that tension flow right out of your body and into Mother Earth.

This only takes 60 seconds but decreases the fight or flight stress response and the fears racing through your mind.

Just do the APB and create Inner Harmony.

Here is a breathing exercise to guide you.


Check out the NeuroMindSHIFT which is a daily practice for 21 days to develop the APB Habit to Quiet the Mind and Awaken the Soul to feel Grounded, to be Present, and to experience Inner Harmony.