Connections for Hope, Harmony & Success

A wee bit ago I was asked by a dear friend to walk the last leg of life’s journey with she and her horse.

It isn’t an easy journey to walk beside your best friend as she says her goodbyes and releases her loyal companion to a place of peace to join the Horse Ancestors.

Shiloh had severe arthritis in one of his legs. It had become so severe that at the end his left leg was crossing over in front of the right one. It was heart breaking to watch him walk.

Our vet is awesome and made the transition a beautiful, heartfelt one. That sacred moment when the heart ceases to beat, the last exhalation of breath releases, and the spirit soars to a new way of being is one of the hardest, yet beautiful moments to witness.

Tears, memories, laughter and joy were shared in those moments. Hugs were exchanged and expressions of gratitude for each other and for Shiloh who brought us closer.

Our Connected Journey

I’m sure you have experienced a similar friendship. A friend that doesn’t just walk with you in the good times, but also in the sad, challenging times as well.

This isn’t just a human trait but also with our cherished pets. Shiloh’s field companions were allowed to say their final goodbyes as well, and the power of his mate at full speed circling his still body was gut wrenching, yet glorious to view.

I took a video capturing his honouring of his friend and the stream of sunlight that came to rest on Shiloh’s body.

I have no doubt that God and the Horse Ancestors greeted him in glory.

Circles of Hope

In challenging times, I am forever grateful for the connection with this dear friend.

And I am also thankful to you my faithful readers who allow me to share sacred moments, joyful moments, teachable moments, and moments of hope with you each week. 

I have mentioned “Circles of Hope” before and have not really defined completely what it is.

The simplest answer at present is that if you are on this list, you are in my Circle of Hope, and each morning and night, you have a friend that prays for you.

Circles of Hope are developing and expanding organically. These circles contain individuals who dream big and care deeply.

They believe in caring, sharing, and praying with unwavering strength and hope.

It’s not about religion.

It’s not about the “right” way to do it.

It’s about finding moments to pause, reconnect within, open to Spirit, and uplift others.

It’s simply doing the APB. In your busy day, take time to gain Awareness, Pause, and Breathe.

The breath is our sacred connection and as you exhale offer peace and blessings to those around you.

Simplest prayer ever! Yet energetically powerful.

Today just pause for a brief moment and give thanks for those friendships that are infinite, life sustaining, and heart connecting.

And take a deep breath and send a silent prayer to those around you.

Again, thank you for your readership, friendship, and membership as a Circle of Hope.

Blessings my friends, Sharon