Circle of Prayer

1 Breath – 1 Heartbeat – 1 Song

In this time of chaos throughout our world it is easy to become anxious and even deeply depressed in this time when we are being encouraged to be in isolation.

Yet remember you are not alone! 

I have been writing on the NeuroMindSHIFT™ APB of Prayer and many of you are stopping to pray often throughout your day with the APB.

That is gaining Awareness, Pausing, and taking 3 Breaths to reconnect within, with Spirit, and sending a blessing to those around you.

In this, we are all creating Circles of Prayer joining together as 1 Breath ~ 1 Heartbeat ~ 1 Song.

All of life began with a breath. As a wee infant, as each of us emerged from the womb, there is a pause. A pause before the deep inbreath as the Essence of life is breathed into us.

God breathed life – Spirit – Essence into us.

Essence, as defined by Miriam Webster dictionary is

  • The permanent as contrasted with the accidental element of being
  • … The real or ultimate nature of a thing
  • … The most essential element, quality, aspect of a thing or person

It is our essential element. Our essential connection. Our true Essence.

We take that first breath of life and continue in that rhythm to the last breathas the Essence leaves our body and reunites with the Essence that breathed life into us.

We become reunited as One.

When we think of our Essence, our life in that way, we see that we really have never been alone. We share the Essence of life together regardless of colour, gender, vocation, net worth, or anything that has been used to try to separate us.

Nothing can separate us from this Essence. Not even death. For then we are reunited again as One.

Today, wherever you are, take a moment to gain this Awareness of life as One Essence, Pause, take 3 Breaths and know that you are never alone and you are loved.

Stay safe, stay well, and let’s remain united as One in our Circle of Prayers and pause often in our day to send a quick connection of love through the NeuroMindSHIFT™ APB of Prayer.

Blessings my friends, Sharon