Calming the Wild Mustang Minds

Problems begin in our mind and solutions come from “Creating Harmony Within”

We are well on our way into January and I hope the flow of your goals is going smashingly.

One of the main reasons I feel that we may become waylaid from our goals is because we are unfocused, distracted and perhaps overwhelmed because of what I call – “Wild Mustang Mind”.

Those negative, pessimistic and stress inducing thoughts that increase our body’s tension, making us anxious and creating dis – ease in our day.

Many times we go into autopilot and get caught up in this emotional stampede of our thoughts as a habit.

It starts with one distracting thought that is triggered and then like a herd of wild horses it carries you away with one self-defeating thought after another.

Breathe! Take your Mind out and Breathe!

We need to rein these thoughts in and of course, the quickest way is to take a deep breath.

This will rope in the body’s stress response yet we need to catch our thoughts before they run any further. This can be accomplished by a breath watchword or mantra.

A breath watchword or mantra is silently repeated in harmony with our breath to disconnect from our racing thoughts, regain focus, calm the feelings of panic and allow worries to drop away.

An example of a breath watchword is Peace. Repeat it 3 – 4 times as you breathe in, pause and then repeat it as you exhale.

As you release the breath allow your jaw to relax, your shoulders to drop and just imagine a lavender light flowing down your body and relaxing your hips and legs right down to your feet.

Repeat this breath 3 times to decrease the stress reaction in your body, to calm your mind and clear the chaos.

Remember, there is a greatness that lies within you … Create harmony from within and be the B.E.S.T. that you can be and keep your dreams alive, your hopes high and your outlooks positive.

Blessings and Cheers, Sharon