Calm the Chaos

Do the Contradictory to Calm the Chaos

It is Time to Calm the Chaos
This week I have been making a conscious effort to do meditation each morning to decrease the anxiety I feel as I open my eyes and anticipate the chaos of my day!

Do you ever feel that way? That even before you get out of bed the chaos of your racing mind begins?

Heart Racing Chaos
I woke up Sunday morning with a text message that stated, “The horses are out!”

These words always get my heart racing. Loose horses wandering around the property can be dangerous to them, and to others if they go to the road in traffic.

Yet, only 4 out of 9 were out. One was our miniature horse Wee Scott, and another was my daughter’s trick riding horse Aramis.

Wee Scott tends to be a bit of a runner and Aramis picked up on this energy and started to run through the open field to the woodlot at the back of our property.

There was no way I could run to keep up! Lol!

Do the Contradictory to Calm the Chaos
But here’s the thing … rather than trying to run and catch him, I walked away from him and toward Wee Scott, knowing that if he took off with Aramis, I would never catch them.

The most important thing when rounding up loose horses is to be calm, not overreact, and rather than walking up directly to them, you must keep your eyes down and move slowly, pausing and relaxing when they look like they may run rather than just grabbing them.

If your morning starts off feeling like you’re chasing loose horses, you too need to do what feels contradictory. Rather than flying out of bed, pause, keep your eyes closed and think of one great thing you have to look forward to in your day. Just one thing!

Then stretch and yawn before getting out of bed because this is more potent for waking you up than your morning coffee! I’m serious! Really!

So, take a NeuroMindSHIFT™ pause before you jump out of bed, and take a brief moment to calm the “wild mustang mind” that begins to race as soon as you open your eyes with the days “to do” list.

And be sure to pause throughout your busy day to do the APB – regain awareness, pause and breathe!

Until next time, “Keep Calm and Carry On” and many blessings.