Beginnings and Endings: Circles of Hope

In my book “Creating Harmony From Within”, I share that my mother told me two important messages that I have found to be essential wisdom.

The first was on a day that I had a big melt down. And, of course, who do you turn to… your mom, of course.

I was struggling to get my fitness club up and running, working as a full-time nurse, and managing a 6-month old baby. A recipe for disaster!

My mother’s response to my melt down was, “Come on over and we can talk.”

When we did, I expressed that I was struggling to keep everything in balance and money, since opening the fitness club, was in short supply. Lesson #1 from my mom, she said, “Don’t ever put money before your faith, family, and friends.

In other words, pause the chaos, focus on what matters most, and stay within that scope, as though staying within the beam of a lighthouse.

Less than a week after that conversation, my mother died of lobar pneumonia. I was devastated.

What now?

And yet once again, even in death, she shared with me another important lesson.

Lesson #2 from my mom: Where it ends, it begins!

While I was having a therapeutic treatment for headaches I had been experiencing, I had a vision, a dream, call it what you will… I saw and heard my mother with me. She helped me realize that although she was gone, it is never truly an ending.

The life energy that we have within, the memories and the joy, never truly end. There is more beyond our vision, our scope of understanding, our senses.

Our ego says, “live in fear.” Ego tells us to not believe what we cannot see and what we cannot sense.

But I have come to believe what is proclaimed in Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of that which you cannot see.”

This is beyond religion, beyond praxis and theology, that which threatens to separate us by highlighting our differences. There is a hope that lies within us, that creates our Circles of Hope, as One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Song.

That which the world cannot understand, that gets you up the next day after the struggle, the heartache, the loss.

The strength that comes even when you are bone tired.

The hope cannot be suppressed.

It is the Circle of Hope that uplifts our Spirit, connects our soul, creates a hope that where it ends, it begins…our connection that cannot be severed.

The labyrinth is a symbol of that hope.

My story is not a unique one. Everyone has been to the edge of loss, felt as though it was impossible to fathom joy again due to a huge change.

Perhaps an end of a job, or one of the 3 big D’s – divorce, disease, death.

No one is immune to pain, loss, or heartache, but mom’s message connects us in a large hoop of unwavering, unshakeable, unending hope.

You may experience an ending, but where it ends – it begins. So call upon your faith, your family and your friends.

These connections lift us all up, resurrect our souls, and help us fulfill our deepest, authentic, elements of strength; the greatness within, the connection to our deepest, most authentic purpose and desires.

That which lies within, will create harmony from within.

Here is my desire.

I want you to live with …
Less fear and more joy.
Less anxiety and more trust.
Less ego of separation and more connection.
More forgiveness and less intolerance.
More help to others than hindrance.
More hope, happiness, and inner harmony.
Harmony that lies within.

Journey with me to find that inner harmony, that endless connection to joy and fulfillment.

The Labyrinth NeuroMindSHIFT of Hope

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Until next time, remain mindful, prayerful, and thankful!


Blessings, Sharon