A Pause in the Chaos

I am writing to you from the hospital room of my mother in law who is having complications due to radiation treatments for cancer. Yesterday we were ready to say our final goodbye, today she has rallied and is having more testing done.  What a difference a day makes! 

So, remember, whatever you are going through, this too can change.

We never know what the next moment may bring, but with family, friends, and a wee bit of patience and prayer, we can make it through anything.


Christmas Chaos

Speaking of getting through anything, we are just about to Black Friday, a crazy chaotic shopping spree!

Whether you are shopping on Black Friday or any other day in this busy season, you may feel rushed, frazzled, impatient, and ready to break any speakers that are broadcasting Christmas music. Lol!

Here are a couple of tips to make the shopping easier, relaxing, and even fun. 

First, put out an APB on yourself! Take a moment to bring yourself to awareness in the present moment. 

Put an all-points bulletin out on yourself to gain Awareness – Pause – and Breathe.

Pause to take just 3 or 4 breathspausing for a moment on the maximum inhalation and then on the maximum exhalation, to reboot your system to feel more relaxed, calm, and to decrease your sense of anxiety and overwhelm.

By stopping to gain Awareness – Pause – and Breathe you are gaining self-awareness which opens the door to social awareness. This allows you to have more empathy and tolerance of other people as you wait in line, or when you are in a crowded store.


A Simple Solution to Rising Stress

It seems too simple doesn’t it but doing the APB NeuroMindSHIFTdecreases the stress response and strengthens the brain which tires quickly in stressful situations as you try to make decisions, manage the disruptions, and distractions as you shop, or as you work.

In the article “Preventing Occupational Stress in Healthcare Workers”, it tells us that to maintain high levels of performance and productivity, you must briefly pause to relax, even for just a few secondsseveral times an hour.

So, stop the rushing, pause for just a moment to become aware of where you are, who you are with, and what you’re doing to truly be focusedproductive, and enjoy a moment of peace.

And my second suggestion …. Try a wee bit of eggnog and put your feet up, watch a Christmas movie, and spend time enjoying your loved ones in this season!

Be sure to tune into my Live Facebook feed on Thursday night at 7pm. I’ll have more tips and begin our journey through the labyrinth for inner peace, balance, and harmony in this busy Christmas season.

Remember, there is an absolute greatness that lies within you. As Goethe states, “It doesn’t matter what lies behind you, or before you, but what lies within you.”

Blessings and Cheers,