4 Proven Ways to Quickly Reverse a “Bad” day to a Successful one!

Ever wake up feeling completely exhausted? Although you’ve slept you wake up feeling like you ran a marathon while you slept?

I recently had one of those days. Every bone in my body ached and I was tired before the day began. Now you can say “Sharon it’s your age” but I am not accepting that as the cause thank you very much!

If ever there was a time for a NeuroMindSHIFT™ Moment it would be now! But which one? Here are my top 4 to energize, uplift, and create a boost for a weary day.

  1. The Thymus tap – Thumping the middle of your chest can help bring up your life energy. 

Thymus taps help to get your energy flowing, help decrease stress, and improve oxygen flow.

And this relief doesn’t just happen at the time you do the Thymus Tapping —there will be a cumulative effect over time that helps you to feel more focused, energized, optimistic, and it helps improve your immune system.

To do the thymus tap just tap in the middle of the sternum about an inch below where a man’s tie would sit. Place your index and second finger in the U notch at the top of the breastbone and slide them down about an inch and tap three times. Do this to the beat of a waltz—one-two-three—over and over again.

Do this for about 20 seconds and breathe deeply in and out. You may know you have activated the thymus gland as you will feel a little subtle feeling of ‘joy’ or ‘happiness.’ 

2. Write down 3 things you are grateful for. This is the simplest most effective thing you can do to shift to feel happier. You will immediately shift your focus to the positive and stop those negative thought loops.

So let me begin … I am grateful you are still reading this!

3. Turn up the music! Music is a sure way to help lift your mood and a positive mood is a resilient one! So turn up your favorite music and feel enlivened and more engaged!

4. Lastly, at the end of your day be sure to celebrate what you were able to accomplish rather than what you didn’t get done. Our brain is already biased to search for the negative so help it out by finding small uplifting miracles and moments of joy every day.

Well I do feel better for doing all of the above! I hope you do too. Drop me a line and let me know which worked best!

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All the best and blessings! Sharon

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