3 Steps to Calm Your Fears

Have you ever felt afraid? Fearful that something bad is going to happen.

Well I did Saturday evening as 8 of our horses went running down the road in the dark making it impossible to see them, and all I could hear was the pounding of the hooves on the pavement.

The full moon was just coming up a beautiful brilliant orange colour when the unimaginable happened, the horses left their safe pasture to venture out in the dark.

Many people have experienced hitting, or a near miss of a deer, imagine 8 horses barreling down the road and your lights just picking them up and you are right upon them.

That was my fear.

And though it was a possibility, it never happened. Thanks be to God and to Constable Ken Muir and 8 neighbours who came to help us.

The 60 Second Pause that Saves You in Times of Stress

As I shone the lights of the side by side out into the vast empty fields my mind raced with “what if”.

What if one got hit? Or worse they were all injured?

What if someone driving a car was injured?

Panic made my heart race.

Yet I knew a calm, focused, still mind was needed, especially when I found them and had to return them to the barn

I was alone when I found them. Of course, a first reaction was to chase them back to the barn. But that would have started them storming off again.

I ad to gain Awareness, Pause, Breathe, (APB) and relax my body, still my mind, and connect with them being very present, very calm, and unreactive.

It was the opposite to what I felt like doing, yet one by one they followed me into the barn to their stalls.

How about you?

Ever been in a position when you just wanted to yell, wave your arms, and say “What are you doing?”

Whether it’s a child making bad choices, an employee, a spouse, or someone waiting on you in the grocery store, the moment you react, you’ve lost ground, respect, and put that relationship at risk

When situations arise that frustrate you, create anger, or fear – Breathe.

Just breathe. Quiet your mind, relax your jaw and shoulders as you exhale, and be present, fully present and aware.

It sounds so simple, but it really is the key to saving relationships, creating co-operation rather than anger, and generating solutions rather than more disruption.

Developing the HABIT of Responding Rather than Reactin

Today, create 2 opportunities within your day to gain Awareness, Pause, and Breathe.

Do this every day and it will become a habit to do the APB rather than react, explode, and risk your business, relationships, and health.

So today my friends be breath taking rather than breathless when stress, frustration, and feelings of fearing the worst arise.

You will feel calmer, more focused, and have access to solutions rather than risking disastrous reactions.

Until next time, be sure to share the NeuroMindSHIFT APB so others know inner peace rather than chaos and fear in their lives too.

All the best and blessings, Sharon