3 Spiritual Practices

3 simple spiritual tools to quiet your mind, resurrect your soul,

and show compassion for others

My dear friends I hope you are well!

In these challenging times it is easy to become down, depressed, and feeling defeated.

With the pandemic ongoing and “stay at home” isolation extended it is a slippery slope to negativity, pessimism, and despair.

However, we were “not given a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind.” (1 Timothy 1:7)

The Secret to Hope in Challenging Times

In life’s journey we all experience challenging times. Yet what is different at this time, is that the entire world is having a challenging time. There is a mass sense of fear, frustration, and focus on the negative.

It is said that every problem begins in the mind and that every solution is a spiritual one.

The toughest part of this is that the brain is hard wired to be negative.

As Rick Hanson tells us, the negative thoughts stick to us like Velcro and the positive slides right away as if Teflon.

Over time, this way of thinking becomes a habit, and this dangerous habit rewires our brain to continually focus on the negative rather than the good, the powerful, the loving.

The secret … we create a simple spiritual practice to rewire our minds for resilience, hope, and inner peace.

Next Thursday I will do a live event on Facebook to show you how to “Rewire for Resilience & Hope” using 3 different easy to learn spiritual tools.

I’ll share more details in my Sunday message “The Journey to Hope” which I will post on YouTube as well.

Stay in and stay safe and may we remain United as One as 1 Breath ~ 1 Heartbeat ~ 1 Song in our daily APB of Hope!

Many blessings my friends, Sharon