#1 Key to Overcoming Challenges, Change and Setbacks

Being RESILIENT is the number one key to calming the chaos and the ability to “bounce back when life bucks you off!”

Life can change on a dime and create challenges and circumstances we feel ill prepared to deal with. Everyone at some time in his or her life has experienced this. My greatest challenge was adapting to life after my acquired brain injury, yet challenges are not always this extreme. A busy schedule, juggling responsibilities, wearing multiple hats, and experiencing interruptions and distractions throughout your day can cause anxiety, stress and frustration.

Our mobile phones alone create anxiety! It has been stated that the average person checks their phone every 6.5 minutes! I’m sure that I check mine more frequently than that! We think we are connecting more with our friends and family but data tells us that we are less connected and as a result we are negatively impacting our resilience and making it harder to deal with the stress of everyday.

Research also indicates that we are switching tasks every 3 minutes on average. This leads us to feel like we are never getting anything done because we are constantly being interrupted and restarting. Between the disruptions and technology it is a vicious cycle of being “always on” and then we take on more than we can handle causing more anxiety and setting ourselves up for failure.

How does a NeuroMindSHIFT™ calming moment help? Isn’t this just telling me to “buckle down”, “pull up my boot straps” “never give up” mentality?

Sure it takes persistence and a bit of grit, but a NeuroMindSHIFT™ as I define it is accessing and utilizing simple, effective proactive strategies so you can respond rather than react to set backs and challenges. I call these strategies “NeuroMindSHIFT™” strategies because they combine neuroscience, the mind and practical actions to SHIFT your mind to be focused, strong and calm.

The #1 key is to be PROACTIVE! Don’t wait for challenges, stress and set backs to occur because we all know that stress is to be expected. The only time we will not have stress is when the “undertaker undertakes to take us under”! So prepare for the inevitable with the NeuroMindSHIFT™ strategies that change your mind to be responsive with emotional fluency, perspective, clarity, creativity and feel back in the driver’s seat again.

Until next time keep your dreams alive, your hopes high and your outlooks positive.

Many blessings, Sharon